Every manuscript submitted for publication will undergo a rigorous review process, based on the provisions stipulated in the Review Guide and performed by the Evaluation Board consisting of two reviewers.



Review Guide:

The evaluation criteria are the following:

1. The submitted manuscript is within the topic and the research field of the journal;

2. The title of the manuscript is clear and illustrative of the specific research;

3. The abstract is consistent with the paper's content;

4. The introduction is relevant for the paper's focus area and makes reference to other authors and their results in the respective field;

5. The paper contains a presentation of previous studies in the same area of interest;

6. The methodology used is sound, coherent and appropriate for that particular research;

7. The sources used are trustworthy (e.g. official data bases, representative exemplifications, etc.);

8. The scientific contribution is authentic and original for economic practices and theories;

9. The conclusions are clearly formulated and the results are exact and accurate;

10. The bibliography is relevant, recent and properly selected. The reference list at the end of the material must be consistent with the references made within the text;

11. The text uses an academic vocabulary; it is well structured and coherent without grammar mistakes.


After the evaluation process, the following recommendations could be made by the reviewers:

I. The manuscript is accepted for publication without revision;

II. The manuscript is accepted for publication with minor corrections;

III. The manuscript is accepted for publication only after the major changes recommended by the reviews are made;

IV. The manuscript is not accepted for publication and therefore rejected.


Authors will take full responsibility for the accuracy of the results, the experimental data obtained, the scientific statements issued, as well as for the accuracy of the translation.


They are also strongly advised to comply with standing Copyright legislation.