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The Faculty of Economics - "Drăgan" European University


The history of the Faculty of Economics speaks of one of the most constant interests of Professor Josif Constantin Dragan, the founder of "Drăgan" European University, that for the economic field.

The Faculty of Economics was born from the necessity of ensuring specialists for a  continually changing economy, thus requiring a particular approach for the specific problems of the field: mobility, quick-thinking, sometimes, as moving along, adaptability to the conditions of the market economy. In addition, the new economic structures were indicating a more rapid and a more significant assimilation of those specialists who were ready to face the conditions of the market economy.

The academic staff of the faculty has been relatively the same, consisting mainly of distinguished university professors from Timisoara and Bucharest, remarkable specialists in the field of economics.

The students are offered the best environment for study: textbooks, laboratory handbooks, access to latest information through the library and the computer network, specialized laboratories with appropriate equipment. The students of the faculty, similarly with the students of the other faculties, are awarded merit scholarships, social scholarships, financial aids, exchange programs or educational stages at foreign universities.

The students' scientific research is organized into four debating circles of: accounting, finance, banking and cybernetic economics, where at least two themes from the student scientific research schedule are discussed based on essays.

The best proof for the high professional standards, that are taken into consideration when student instruction is concerned at the Faculty of Economics, stand the results of the graduation exams. 

Some of the graduates have joined the academic staff and have become university lecturers. The others have started their own enterprises; they have become managers, specialists in finance and accountancy, bank clerks, insurance agents, etc.

The internship of the students with the local companies gives them the opportunity to become familiar in due time with the areas in which the future graduates will work.

The Faculty of Economics has a constant and coherent scientific research. From its beginnings, a number of more than 35 textbooks, guidebooks, student books have been published by the faculty members or by the associate professors. Drăgan's European University Annals. The Economic Series appear regularly, having reached its 8th volume, and are equally accessible to prominent faculty members, as well as to younger teaching members, consequently the latter could bring to light the theoretical or practical results of their scientific research.

It is worth mentioning that since 2002, the members of the Faculty of Economics have completed 25 research contracts with various companies in Timiş and Caraş- Severin districts.

The academic curricula are in accordance with the students' need for understanding the mechanisms of the market economy, so they could be fully prepared for any future activity. Young faculty members attend post-graduate studies and Master's programs, and undertake doctoral research having their own contribution to a faster dissemination of the latest discoveries in the field of economic studies within the academic world.




Field of study: Finances

Program of study: Finance and Banking

No. of transferable credits of study: 180

Period of study: 6 semesters (3 years)

Type of program: full-time




Financial Management

No. of transferable credits of study: 120

Period of study: 4 semesters (2 years)

Type of program: full-time