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Faculty of Law - "Drăgan" European University


For "Drăgan" European University of Lugoj, the Faculty of Law has been the essential element for its early years. The courses started in the academic year 1992/1993, with a significant number of students, with an outstanding academic staff who ensured, for years in a row, an excellent academic training for the series of students they trained.

Prominent scholars in the field of Romanian Law have lectured and continue to lecture in Lugoj.

The chairs of the faculty focused initially on producing textbooks for all educational subjects. So, in the first decade of activity, there were published over 50 titles in the field of law, textbooks authored by the faculty's own or associated academic staff.

The instructional activities of Law students are taking place in the educational units of "Drăgan" European University, which offer optimal conditions for the courses, seminars and research activities. The Faculty of Law has a criminology laboratory, and practical assignments are carried out in modern laboratories. Students have access to the national program LEGIS, which facilitates a fast dissemination of information in the entire Romanian legal system.

The students who are interested in furthering their studies, as well as those who are involved into scientific research, are organized in debating circles according to their specialties: Civil Law and Penal Law.

The results of their research are presented to the public through debates, papers or articles delivered at various scientific meetings.

The specialty journal of the Faculty of Law is Studium Legis, the first issue appeared in 2001.

The scientific activity of the Faculty of Law is continued by hosting two editions of the medical forensic division within the scientific conferences organized by "Drăgan" European University, by hosting 5 roundtables organized by European Research Institute for Human Rights on the topics of cultural assets protection, refugee protection, individual rights, by frequent participations to conferences and symposia in other academic centers such as Bucharest, Timisoara, Braşov, Cluj-Napoca.




Field of study: Law

Program of study: Drept

No. of transferable credits: 240

Period of study: 8 semesters (4 years)

Type of program: full-time




Management of Penal Investigation

No. of transferable credits: 90

Period of study: 3 semesters (1,5 years)

Type of program: full-time