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"Drăgan" European University

On April 21,1993 a stainless steel cylinder has been buried at the foundation of the future building of Drăgan European University of Lugoj, containing a message signed by Professor Josif Constantin Drăgan, the founder of the university and by Virgil Turcan, the mayor of Lugoj City at that time.

Professor Drăgan said on this occasion: "Today is a historic day, as it is the day in which the first corner stone is laid at the foundation of the new fortress in the city of Lugoj, whose old fortress fell in 1241. 750 years later, we are building a new fortress. Yesterday it was a defense fortress for the people, today it is a defense fortress of the spirit, of our contribution to universal science."

The building was completed in 1996. Immediately after entering the premises of Drăgan European University, one is impressed with the great marble hall of 644 sq. m. The university also holds four large lecture rooms with 200 seats capacity, each having 188 sq. m., two lecture rooms with 58 seats capacity, each having 64 sq. m. and Aula Magna, a grand lecture hall with an impressive size of 470 sq. m. holding 450 seats, equipped with all necessary gadgets for simultaneous interpretation which can ensure an interpretation process in three languages simultaneously from separate booths through headphones.

Drăgan European University also holds 10 seminar rooms with 20 seats capacity. The basement holds a large reading hall (350 sq. m. and 200 seats), the library, the storage area for books and the Students' Press Center. On March 26, 1997, Professor Dragan's effigy has been set in the entrance hall of the university. This is a large mosaic (2.85 m height x 1.87 m width), carried out by the Italian craftsman Vittorio Venturelli from Pietrasanta. The work of art has been made of Murano mosaic according to the model.



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